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Chemicals are sensitive and often dangerous goods. They require highest safety in production and storage.

In order to guarantee this, we treat your high-quality product with utmost care. Together with you, we develop your individually adjusted chemical tank.
No matter what wishes you have, whether the tank shall include special materials or whether you seek a complete process unit, we meet your requirements.
Upper part of reactor with Pillow plate double shell Middle part of reactor with internal coating Reactor columns for bioethanol production Reactor – three-part with Pillow plate heating/cooling Reactor special version with substructure of steel Large fermenter with ascent ladder system and operator platforms Flat-bottom tank according to Water Resources Acts DIN 4119 Chemical storage tank on-site production with tube coil for heating/cooling Storage tanks according to Water Resources Acts with trapezoidal sheet insulation and access system Agitation vessel with agitator and volume-indicating scale Pressure tanks with special load alternation design Agitation reactor on weighing cells Agitation vessel unit with electric control Flat-bottom tank during lifting Agitation reactor with support brackets Aseptic pressure vessel 8,000 l – electro-polished inside Aseptic pressure vessel with detail: manhole – electro-polished inside Chemical agitation tanks with access system Cover for module housing Module housing Agitation vessel transportable Storage tanks according to Water Resources Acts




Delivery program/Tank types:

Mixing and agitation vessels
Pressure and vacuum vessels
Columns (without packings)
Flat-bottom tanks DIN 4119
Double-deck tanks
Multichamber tanks
Batching vessels
Tanks according to Water Resources Acts
(to HBV and LAU)
Tanks according to TRbF and ATEX
Tanks with cooling/heating zones

Accessories/Further services:

Cooling/Heating zones
Access platforms
On-site produced tanks
Special constructions
Organisation of transport logistics: Special transports

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