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To be neat, to be comfortable in one’s skin and to look well at the same time – this is promised by modern cosmetic products. In order to guarantee this quality, high standards must be kept.

Hygienic tanks and vessels are absolutely necessary for the production of cosmetic products. From the planning to the delivery, we develop, together with you, your individual tank. Our portfolio includes stationary and mobile vessels, tanks according to TRbF and ATEX as well as process units and fittings.
Agitation vessel unit with pump, electrical trace heating and control Pressure tank 1,400 l – electro-polished inside Pressure tank 1,400 l – View inside electro-polished Mixing vessel Agitation vessel 6,000 + 3,900 l – grained outside Mixer 7,500 l Mixer 7,500 l – Manhole zone Mixing vessel 100 l - polished Mixing vessel 6,000 l – grained outside

Delivery program/Tank types:

Batching vessels
Process and reaction vessels
CIP vessels
Melting vessels
Pure water storage vessels
Storage vessels
Mixing and agitation vessels
Buffer and storage tanks
Pressure and vacuum vessels
Tanks according to TRbF and ATEX
Tanks with cooling/heating zones, insulation
Tanks according to TRbF and ATEX
Mobile vessels
Process units

Accessories/Further services:

Cooling/heating zones
Access platforms
On-site produced tanks
Special constructions
Organisation of transport logistics: Special transports
including permissions, escort vehicles etc.


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